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Crochet Optimus Prime, Transformer hat!

I've had the amazing pleasure of being commissioned to make a custom character beanie, an Optimus Prime Transformer hat. If you know me, you know I love a good challenge, and boy was this a challenge! And I loved every minute of the design, crocheting and assembly!

I was given a picture by a customer. Initially, with my searches I look for patterns I can use, but if I can't find one that I am happy with, I make my own. I could not find a pattern I was happy with so I created my own pattern. My guide were pictures of Optimus Prime, front, side and back... even cartoon picture work!

I decided to crochet the hat using worsted blue and grey yarn from my yarn stash bought from spotlight nz.

I started with the base "hat" first with added back of neck cover. I then made the sides, and the antennas using the magic circle technique, sew them together, and Voilà! Halfway there!

Then I made the top. I struggled sewing this to the hat because I can't sew straight! I got there in the end with help from hubby. I moved on to the finishing touches, the front badge and the mask.

Here is the finished hand crochet Optimus Prime hat!

I'm so chuffed with the finished product, I'm hoping the customer is too!

Crochet Optimus Prime Hat Transformer

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